Update on the "Art Week in Spain" project

on the program of the International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art "ART WEEK in SPAIN".

We would like to inform you that due to the new tightening of the quarantine regime in Spain since last week, amendments and additions have been made to the exhibition and competition program. At the same time, the general structure of the project remains the same and includes: competition, exhibition, publication in the catalog.
Adjusted dates:

The duration of the competition program (the period when the jury members evaluate the work) has been increased and is held from August 28 to September 28, 2020. The competitive part includes:
a) review by the jury of the works declared for the project,
b) writing short essays or words of thanks to the most liked works at the request of the jury member,
c) filming, at the request of a member of the jury, a video message addressed to a specific work, authors or competition as a whole,
d) publication on the website of all project participants,
e) publication on the website of the rating (number of points) for each work,
f) publication on the website of essays or welcoming words from members of the jury.

2) EXHIBITION PERIOD - presentations of competitive works (offline) postponed to November. 
Updated dates: November 24-29, 2020. In the hall of the Art Gallery "ImaginArte" at Dante Alighieri 157, Spain, Barcelona, the following works will be exhibited:
a) oflline form of participation - originals of works,
b) online form of participation - fotocopies of works.

In case of "offline" exposition, the author transfers the original works to the exhibition or instructs the organizing committee to transport the originals of his works to Barcelona (transportation and processing of the export permit are paid, the cost is indicated in the section "Cost of participation").
If the author presents the work in the form of "online," then the organizing committee prints out the electronic files and places them in art book. The cost of printing and design works is given in the section "Cost of participation."

All project participants are published in the International Catalog "ART WEEK in SPAIN." The publication of the catalog with all participants is scheduled for October 2020. 

PLEASE NOTE: if the quarantine restrictions in Spain are extended, then the exposure time can be postponed to a new period, allowing the full presentation of the work on the site, in offline format.

Organizing committee contacts: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phones: +7 495 5068044, +7 925 022 3303.

Competition program and nominations of the Art Week in Spain

International contemporary art contests

Click on the tab: 

International contemporary art contests

Exhibition Dates: August 28 - September 7 2020.

Registration: until August 17, 2020 Inclusively.



CLASSICAL PAINTING COMPETITION | International Painting Contest

Category "Classical painting":
     1. Genre painting
     2. Landscape
     3. Still life
     4. Architecture
     5. Synthesis of genres

Category "Abstract painting":
     1. Abstract expressionism
     2. Geometric abstraction
     3. Conceptual abstraction
     4. Futuristic abstraction
     5. Experimental forms (synthesis of directions and genres)

Category "Avant-garde painting":
     1. Constructivism
     2. Cubism
     3. Primitivism
     4. Surrealism
     5. Futurism
     6. Expressionism
     7. Conceptualism

GRAPHIC COMPETITION | International Graphic Contest

Category "Classic graphics":
     1. Classic style landscape
     2. Still life in a classic style
     3. Thematic composition
     4. Academic drawing

Category «Experimental graphics»:
     1. Avant-garde style landscape
     2. Thematic composition
     3. Abstract composition
     4. Computer graphics

SCULPTURE COMPETITION | International Sculpture Contest 

     1. Round sculpture
     2. Sculptural composition
     3. Relief
     4. Installation
     5. Experimental sculptural forms

CRAFTS & TEXTILE COMPETITION | International textile and arts and crafts contest

     1. Decorative painting
     2. Murals of plane objects (fabrics, batik, etc.)
     3. Murals of volumetric objects
     4. Decorative panel (flat objects)
     5. Decorative sculpture and carving (volumetric objects)
     6. Souvenirs, toys, gifts
     7. Mosaics, stained glass, collages
     8. Textile picture and panels
     9. Textile graphics and prints
     10. Lace, knitting, felting and weaving

International Exhibition-Contest of Watercolor Art
(more details on the site www.watercolorium.com )

Dates of the exhibition:
August 28 - September 7 2020.

Registration: until August 17, 2020 Inclusively.

1. Landscape
2. Architecture
3. Portrait
4. Still life
5. Fauna and wildlife
6. Flora and flowers
7. Water essence
8. Hyperrealistic picture
9. Plein air picture
10. The symbolic picture
11. Thematic composition / storytelling picture
12. Watercolor experiments


How to participate / rules of participation

About "Art Week in Spain" & "WATERCOLORium in Spain"

The International Union of Curators with the support of the World Fund of Arts, Eurasian Art Union, Arte Sin Fronteras and ImaginArte Gallery invite to Spain for the International project "To Spain with Love", which includes two independent exhibitions: "ART WEEK in SPAIN | Art Week in Spain", "WATERCOLORium in Spain".

There are two equivalent forms of participation in the exhibitions: Offline and Online.
Artists from any country of the world, representing works reflecting the national vision of the artist, have the right to participate in exhibition-competitive programs.

Topic of 2020 season: "From Russia with Art".
The following independent programs will be held under this topic:
August 28 - September 7, 2020:
"ARTWEEK IN SPAIN" International Exhibition-Contest of Contemporary Russian Art
Vernissage: 28 August 2020 (19:00)
Registration deadline: 17 August 2020 Inclusively.
Arrival day and exhibition formation: August 27, 2020 17:00-20:00.
Exhibition Address: España, Barcelona, Dante Alighieri 157 - 08032, «ImaginArte Gallery».
8-14 SEPTEMBER 2020:
"WATERCOLORium" International Exhibition-Contest of Watercolor Art (watercolorium.com)
Vernissage: September 8, 2020 (19:00)
Registration deadline: 17 August 2020 Inclusively.
Arrival day and exhibition formation: 7 September 2020 18:00-20:00.
Exhibition Address: España, Barcelona, Dante Alighieri 157 - 08032.

The jury will include famous artists and art historians from Spain and several countries of the European Union. 

Participation Rules in Art Week in Spain

There are two forms of participation - Offline and Online.  
Both types of participants have equal rights.
а) offline participation: involves participation in the exhibition-competition of the originals of art objects. In original participation, the author has two options for participation:
     - personally bring paintings to the exhibition in Spain and participate in the opening, if desired;
     - delegate to the organizing committee the transportation of the originals of their works to the exhibition in Spain and back (collection of works in Moscow and Minsk)
b) online participation: art objects are exhibited in the form of photocopies, in an art book (reproductions of A3 size), participate in the exhibition and participate in the contest on a common basis
At the end of the exhibition, a catalog will be formed, which will include all participants of the exhibition.

At the first stage, you must send the following set of documents to the organizing committee (by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):
1) Application form:
en  in English: in format Word, PDF;
es  in Spanish: in format Word, PDF;
ru  in Russian: in format Word, PDF;
2) Labels for each art object:
en  in English: in format Word, PDF;
es  in Spanish: in format Word, PDF;
ru  in Russian: in format Word, PDF;
3) Photographs of competitive works (not less than 200 dpi, not more than 20 Mb);
4) Photograph of the author (at least 3x4 cm in size, for the catalog!);
Only fully formed applications participate in the competition, partially filled applications are not accepted for consideration.
The organizing committee checks the correctness of personal data and the quality of the photo material, and then sends the author a confirmation letter about the opportunity to participate in the exhibition and an invoice for paying the entrance fee (see sections "Cost of participation" и "How to pay entrance fee")
Visa issue: Arrival at the exhibition in Spain - with a tourist visa (specify the necessary documents on the websites consular departments)
The participant pays the entrance / registration fee and sends a receipt to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ATTENTION: payment is made after confirmation of participation in the form of an email. It is not recommended to pay for participation at the first stage of application. 
The organizing committee registers the application of the participant and sends a response letter with confirmation of registration for participation (participant number).
All exhibits of the exhibition, regardless of the type of participation, are automatically offered for sale if the author specifies the cost of his work (the administrative fee on sale is 30% of the cost).
August 28 - 7 September 2020: 

Vernissage: 28 August 2020 (19:00)
During this period will be held, the International Exhibition-Contest "Art Week in Spain", theme of the exhibition: "To Spain with love" 
Registration deadline: 17 August 2020 Inclusively.
Arrival day and exhibition formation: August 27, 2020 17:00-20:00.
Exhibition Address: España, Barcelona, Dante Alighieri 157 - 08032.
8-14 September 2020: 
Projects will be held during this period.:
1) "WATERCOLORium" International Exhibition of Watercolor Art (watercolorium.com)
Registration deadline: 17 August 2020 Inclusively.
Arrival day and exhibition formation: 7 September 2020 18:00-20:00.
An Expert Council (jury) is formed to evaluate the entries. The Expert Council includes Spanish art critics and artists, as well as art managers, curators and gallery owners in European countries.
The Expert Council of the WATERCOLORium Competition consists of leading watercolor painters.
The work of the Expert Council (jury) includes the assessment of art objects submitted to the competition according to a 10-point system. Marks are summed up and the arithmetic average score is determined, based on which winners in each nomination are determined.
At the end of the exhibition, all participants receive diplomas (the number of diplomas corresponds to the number of entries / art objects), and the winners receive diplomas of the winner. All participants receive diplomas in electronic form. The author can get a paper diploma from the organizing committee for free. Also, the author can make a request to the organizing committee so that paper diplomas would be sent to him (the request is sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). In this case, the organizing committee sends diplomas in paper form by Russian Post. The cost of the registration fee does not include sending diplomas by mail, please make a request by e-mail.
By participating in Spanish exhibitions, the author (applicant) agrees to include the following information in the exhibition catalogs: photographs of the author, photo of the art object (s) and etiquette for them. And also the author agrees to the possibility of using the declared works in the design of the catalog for the exhibition, indicating the copyright. The catalog includes works from all authors who have registered for the exhibition. The author independently resolves the issue related to the acquisition of the catalog (the catalog costs EUR 30 or the equivalent of this amount in Russian rubles).
The following directories will be published:
  • «Art Week in Spain»
  • «WATERCOLORium in Spain»
Who is eligible to participate
The exhibition and competition programs are open to any author, from any country in the world. All participants have equal rights.
Art objects can be submitted to the competition from both one author and a group of co-authors. The number of entries from one author is not regulated. The jury evaluates each entry separately, as an independent work.
All works registered within the indicated time periods are exhibited at the exhibition and participate in the competitive program, with the exception of:
а) works that violate public standards accepted in the Kingdom of Spain;
b) political issues;
c) works that offend religious feelings and personality;
d) works of low professional quality or inappropriate to the subject of the exhibition.
The decision of the Organizing Committee regarding the above exceptions is final and is not subject to discussion.
Requirements for materials sent to the organizing committee (for original and copy participants):
а) photographs of the entries must be at least 200 dpi, at least 600 pixels on the lower side and saved in .JPEG or. JPG, file size: from 1 to 20 MB. Images may contain only brand names and authorship signatures. One file must contain one competition entry.
b) original work can be up to 90 cm in size on the larger side.
Registration of a participant is not considered confirmed in case of non-payment of the entry / registration fee for participation within 3 days after sending confirmation by the organizing committee of pre-registration.
Participation cost and payment methods are available in sections:  "Cost of participation" и "How to pay".

Signature, seal or any other identification mark of authorship is allowed anywhere in the photo image. Subsequently, competitive images are published with copyright decals. Inscriptions with the names of art objects on the front side are not allowed.

Copyright and all other rights are reserved by the artist. In the event that art objects are provided for the competition by the representative of the author (producer), the responsibility for authorship lies with the applicant. The Organizing Committee has the right to use the name (pseudonym/alias) and photographs of art objects participating in the competition and exhibition for the purpose of advertising and popularizing the "Art Week in Spain", "WATERCOLORium", "Spanish Plein Airs", and non-commercial use as an illustration and publication in MEDIA. All participants understand that any image submitted for participation can be used for marketing and advertising purposes for the above projects, including non-commercial publication in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media.
The organizer of these exhibitions is not responsible for art objects and their photographs provided in violation of the competition rules or for those who violate copyright, since in this case the responsibility is borne by the person applying for participation in the competition program (applicant).

Participating in any of the projects "Art Week in Spain", "WATERCOLORium", "Spanish Plein Airs", the author agrees to the collection of personal data and the inclusion of his contacts (mobile phone, email, Whatsapp, Telegram) in free newsletters and notices.
If the author doesn't want to implement this free service, the Author must inform the Organizing Committee about this in the form of SMS (by phone + 7-925-4338821 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (see the sections "Contacts")